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Welcome to Inside Out Sewing & Craft Workshops (IOSCW)! My name is Harriet and I am the Owner and Instructor of the workshop.

My company runs Do It Yourself (“DIY”) workshops which involve craft and sewing projects from scratch.  In my craft workshops participants create crafts from scratch which they can then color or paint.  In my sewing workshops participants measure themselves and create their own clothing patterns from those measurements, then sew their own garment. Young participants come away from my workshops with a sense of accomplishment.

I gained my experience while being a Girl Scout Leader for 10 years in Troop 10832 and assisting as a Class Mom during my daughter’s elementary years in school.  I consult with a well-known fashion designer in New York named Nicole Benefield with regards to which fabrics work well with each project.  I do not require every circle or square to be perfect.  I like to call this method “Garage Style Sewing and Crafts”.  This makes the experience fun and “STRESS FREE” for all.

We welcome all children and adults from age 6 and older. Here are some fun projects we create in the workshop:

Superhero capes customized with your own drawing, pillows, stuffed animals, boats that float, animal shaped paper hats, pocketbooks, apparel and many other accessories and crafts.

I like to say I am the “Build A Bear” of sewing and crafts.

IOSCW will provide all supplies needed for the workshop.  However, IOSCW does not provide any food or decorations for any camper, party or gathering at any time.  You may pick the color on some select items.  Otherwise, IOSCW will arbitrarily select a color for you.  A permission slip must be signed, and full payment is due before starting a project.

My prices vary according to project selection from the IOSCW’s brochure.

This creative experience will give children and adults a sense of achievement while building their self-esteem.


DIY’ers follow picture directions, limiting instructor supervision and adult participation making for a truly unique creative experience.


So, don’t miss out, book your creative experience today!!

Thank you and I look forward to sewing and crafting with you.


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